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- Hi Rick!
I just wanted to thank you guys for coming over on 2/20.
The guy you sent over (I apologize, I forgot his name), did a great job of explaining everything to me as well as providing options that could help reduce our electrical bills.
He also then went through all our vents and adjusted them.  That has made a HUGE change in the comfort level, the results were actually pretty amazing.
Anyway, you guys went above and beyond what I was expecting and you have a customer for life!  I'm a big proponent of advertising great service when I experience it...so you'll probably get a few more customers from us as well.
Thanks again, it was much appreciated!
Dan A 

- Just wanted to write and state how happy my wife and I are with the Unico High Velocity system DJS installed this summer.  It's negative 4 degrees outside today and the house is as cozy as a warm blanket.  Thanks also to your staff for great follow up in particular Jeff who didn't find answering all of my "Why" questions. John - MN 

- After much research and finally deciding on a new grill I chose your store for two reasons.  Price and locality.  I live in Minneapolis so I visited the Albertville store on Sunday 3/16/08.  I hate to spend money, usually due to buyer’s remorse, but now feel confident I made the right move in coming to your store and purchasing the Holland Heritage. I should point out that I haven’t even cooked anything on it yet but already love it.  But this really isn’t about the grill.  Chad helped me in the store on Sunday and helped me understand its operation, differences from a traditional gas grill, its warranty and some great cooking tips besides.  He was understanding, patient with my questions and overall treated me the way I want to be treated when I have my consumer hat on.  Thanks for the great customer service.  Referrals will be coming your way. The young gentleman who helped me load it in my truck was also very polite and customer friendly.  Sorry, I didn’t get his name.  Thank you! Terry - Minneapolis

-  "I Truly appreciate your offer of products to folks not in the guild.  I had a lot of trouble purchasing a furnace for self-install and I'm really tired of folks who assume that I don't know what I'm doing.  As a engineer, I feel I'm at least as capable as the guys they hired off the street.   Keep up the good work and yes, as we head below zero, I really love my furnace".
Regards....cww - Minnesota

 - I just had to write to tell you about one of the most pleasurable shopping experiences my husband and I have ever had. Leann was our sales woman and talk about a peach! We were in the market for an electric fireplace and she listened to what we wanted and took us right to the perfect one. She made us feel so comfortable and she has just a wonderful personality, we fell in love with her. Anyone I can send her way we will.  Loved your store. V. Sather - Minnesota

- We are very happy with our purchases and it has really paid off in our Xcel Energy bills that's for sure. With the cold weather you have had this year in MN it was a very good investment for us. We will refer our friends/neighbors to you if the need comes up. The installers were all great.   J.Benson - Minnesota

- "I was talking with a co-worker and was telling him what I paid for a Aprilaire Humidifier, after that, he was all ears.  I can't believe the difference in the comfort in our home after I had ours up and running.  One final note, thank you to Jeff.  Your answers and advice made the installation very simple as I was a bit nervous going into our gas heating system.   Have a great day".......W.Benson - Pennslyvania

- "My stove is fantastic! - I'm passing on the good service and prices that we got from you - hopefully more business
Sincerely",.....E.Hyde - New Mexico 

- "Just wanted to tell you how satisfied I AM with my fireplace that I purchased from you recently. Also, for all your help in making my purchase go smoothly.  Thanks for all your help."........ P.Reilly - New Jersey

- "This is a long overdue thank-you letter for your part in building our home.  The house has been equally comfortable during the hot, humid summer and the recent cold days.  We have also appreciated the follow up with our questions and minor adjustments.  We would be happy to be a reference and will recommend you to others who are looking for HVAC systems" D.Lee - Minnesota

- "Just a note to advise that I have received the Goodman air unit OK, and intact, many thanks for the prompt business - this unit is awesome!" ...... L.Smith - Ontario Canada. 

- "We have friends that are interested in purchasing the same Goodman Ductless central air unit that we purchased from you last year. You have been great to work with and we are pleased to refer our friends to you"......C.Ford - Audubon Pennsylvania

- "Hi, - I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your help and a good deal on all the equipment we bought.  The wire harnesses were especially good and we really appreciated your attitude and all the help. Please feel free to use us for a reference anytime.  The Goodman (ductless ac) unit is performing better than we hoped and it is cooling our greenhouse beautifully, along with the kitchen and living room which is all interconnected.  I installed all the units myself (your Goodman and 3 Hitachi units) and found it to be fairly easy for anyone with good DIY skills."                                                              
  Warm regards........ J.McCaig - Magnolia, New Jersey

 - In regards to the Reznor unit heater purchase.  "It was wonderful to not have the fumes of an open-flame propane heater I tried to get by with at first.  I love the heater and I'm very happy with the quick response you have provided to my questions.  You guys are doing a spectacular job!"          
  Thanks,     D. Herrmann - Indiana 

- "Hi  It was a pleasure doing business with you again.  The Goodman furnaces and Reznor unit heater are all up and running.   Thanks again"         M. Coughlin - Green Bay WI

- "We got the system finally.  Everything is in perfect condition.  You help us to bring cooling to us.  It was really a great chance to save & work with you.  Again many thanks or your full and outstanding committed services.  From Canada with many thanks indeed.  We certainly would come back!"     P. Trinh - Canada

- "Just wanted to let you know that I did receive my Samsung ductless unit last week and I had my brother come over this weekend and hook it all up.  Took him a little while, since he had never done this kind before, but it wasn't too bad.  Just wanted to let you know how happy I'm with it!  It blows out COLD air and now I have NO MORE huge air conditioner in my window.  Your site was the cheapest by far, and if you any references, feel free to give out my e-mail address.

Thanks so much again!"         D. Miller - New York    

- Dear Rick:
Thank you so much for maintaining quality workmanship and prompt scheduling on our jobs this past year.  It is this type of teamwork and cooperation that has made 2004 another successful year.  Please pass on this thank you to the other contributing members in your company.
Sincerely,  J. Rohs

 - I purchased an Amana 96% 92K BTU furnace. I got free shipping in less then a week. I couldn't be happier. I took me a day for my son and I to replace an existing furnace with the new. I spent another full days time finishing things up etc. I used a local sheet metal place to make some adapters and so forth. It was easier then I thought but was some work to get everything to fit just right. I did a lot of planning upfront and things went pretty smooth. The new furnace is a 2 stage heat. I recommend a 2 stage thermostat with it. I got the Honeywell Vision Pro 8000 series and I love it. Make sure you check the underside of the A-Coil if you have A/C when you have the old furnace out of the way. Mine was about 50% plugged with dirt and dust. They are hard to clean and it took some time. Thanks DJ's for making this possible!!

 T. Schroeder - Chicago Area

- I just wanted to drop a note to tell you that the stove arrived, the FedEx service was terrific and the stove is great.  Thanks for the excellent service and price, and all around good job!

T. Swart - Central Wisconsin

- Just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic service.  The units are all installed and running fantastically.  It was a pleasure doing business with your company and I will recommend you to my friends.

Chris - Arizona

The air conditioner and furnace both work perfectly. I could not be more happy with the product or the email assistance, telephone assistance or the technician that did the final startup.

- Randy - MinneapolisI just wanted to thank you for all the help you have given my friend in New Jersey,   I bought a unit from you a few years back and was quite impressed with the service, communication and attitude of your outfit as a whole.  (Originally,  a neighbor of mine was in your locale visiting family and was agreeable to picking up the unit, but apparently he had way too many goodies (read: crap) of his own to bring my units and they were shipped by you in the end and it was no extra trouble for you... and I appreciated that very much)  At any rate, I suggested to my friend that he look at your listings and told him of the exceptional manner in which I and my neighbor were treated in spite of me causing all the extra bs.  I am pleased that he decided to make his purchase from you.  I will be going down to his place shortly and we will install it... I anticipate no problems.

- I certainly intend to make DJ's my first stop when I require any additional units and will recommend DJ's whenever I can!  A class act, for sure, in this day of zero personal service!!! 
Best Regards, Jim - New Jersey 

- Everything is running great!  Very efficient condensing unit, and it has cut my energy consumption 40%. 
Darrell  - New Hampshire
 I am extremely pleased.
- First the unit was shipped on time and I was well treated by Yellow freight who helped load it in my SUV.
 The unit installation was simple and Home Depot was extremely helpful in cutting the gas iron pipe & threading it.
 The gas company came and installed the gas meter and the unit started with no problems.
 The variable speed motor is very quiet and the unit heats very uniformly.
 I had a lot of fun installing the unit and it was very informative.
 My calculations forecast an annual savings of $1000 and I expect a payback period of less than two years
switching from oil to gas and the 95% efficiency.
Thank you for your help.
Al - New York

- Hi,
I purchased an Amana gas furnace Amv9 from you a couple of years ago. I Think this is the 3rd heating season. 
Great machine, reduced gas use by 60%.
Bill - Connecticut


- Beyond belief is the best description of the personalized service I received from DJ's.  That service was not only before the purchase, but after.  I visited their facility in Albertville, MN and they walked me through every step from sizing a furnace to the cold air return location.   The price, the service, the communication - all gave them a perfect "10".  

- We have a two furnace home, and can't wait to see what becomes of our old central AC unit and a new second unit - maybe even our older furnace unit.  I love to step into our new utility room and look at the furnace.  I did the install myself and when I had a question on a show stopper situation, they e-mailed an answer in less than two hours - I was hoping for an awswer in a couple days!  
I am anxious to stop into Albertville someday to give them some photos of the finished project.  I wanted a bigger furnace for our second unit and they told me not to, based on the blueprints.  Wow!
Both the old and new furnace work together as if they were one.  They did not try to sell me a bigger unit to make more money.  
I told a friend what DJ's had done for me, and he has a new furnace from DJ's.  He has thanked me 3 times now for my suggestion.  He too, was surprised by their service and support.

Dean - Wisconsin

- I purchased a Hot Dawg heater and venting kit. I got a good price and shipping was fast. When the product arrived I was missing the 3"-4" reducer for the venting kit. I cantacted DJS and they immediatly said the would send it out and apologized for the mistake. 2 days later I had the part sitting by my front door. Because of the great service I received from DJS you have just gained a repeat customer and I will be sure to tell people I know what a great company you are to work with.
Thanks again
Mark me as a very satisfied customer. A year ago I purchased a Amana 95% furnace and my friend and neighbor Bill H did the installation. His great experience combined with your fine product has given me a year of trouble free heating.

B Snyder

- Hey Mary, we got the fireplace and just love it!  Thanks for all of your hard work in finding it for us!  
We will keep you guys in mind for future purchases and for our friends!
Thanks Again! Becky S ND

- Thank you so much for your prompt order. It took less than 1 week from the time I bought it to the time of delivery. We never thought we would get it installed before Christmas. The instructions were so clear and organized that it took less than 30 minutes to put it in AND clean up. The hardest part of the entire process was opening the box. I am so glad I went with your product. Thanks again and have a great holiday.
John W

- Thank You.. I am from Ontario Canada, where it is nearly impossible to purchase a furnace for DIY install.Used Yellow Freight for shipping, FANTASTIC. 
Paperwork was no hassle, cleared it throught customs myself (paid our horrendous 14% tax, no duties).A great furnace at a great price. Thanx to you all.
- This is my second fantastic experience with DJ's.  Again I visited Albertville in person to go through the plans and make certain everything would go smoothly.  

- We have two furnaces, and I purchased a new Amana furnace from DJ's a couple years ago, but left the other older furnace in place.  My wife an I loved the new furnace so much, the decision was made to get another and replace the older Amana unit.  It worked fine, but just not as efficient as the new ones and I am doing the prep work for two new central air units. 
I had a couple questions about the ductwork and distribution of air flow from our ductwork which was installed in 1981 with an addition to the house in 2005.  We had areas not getting uniform heat.
I visited Albertville and we went over the plans and sized everything up for ordering a second new furnace.  I discussed a couple areas of low circulation in the home with Mark and Rick and Mark laid out a plan to resolve it.  DJ's had nothing to do with creating problem areas but were anxious to solve it.  They did wonderful again!  
They sized everything up and determined we needed more air flow off the plenum, remove an air flow choke point, as well as increasing from a 3 to 4 ton blower.  
We now have 2 new Amana furnaces supplying the house at opposite ends.  Programmable thermostats tell us exactly how long each furnace runs.  In three days since the installation of the new furnace and ductwork updates, the maximum difference in furnace run times was 15 minutes and the minimum is 2.  That is as close to perfect as can be.  Thank you Rick and Mark for another job well done!!! 
I do have one problem however - With a programmable thermostat, the furnace kicks in at 5am.  The old furnace always served as an alarm clock to let me know it was morning.  I honestly cannot hear the new furnace period!  WOW!  I can hear it in the utility room, but I cannot hear it elsewhere!  As for the old Amana which refuses to quit, I am placing it in the warm house, but the thermostat and ductwork in the garage.  A toasty warm garage in a matter of minutes.  
Thank you so much for helping me, and not taking advantage of me!

Dean - Wisconsin

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